WIFI HD PIR Hidden Camera

N$ 2990,-
5.0/5 rating (3 votes)

This hidden camera is very easy to install and to use. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone and download the app. View live from your smartphone. It is made of high quality materials and designed to constantly record activities.

You will get a notification when the camera picks up motion and it will start recording on motion.
It records to a Micro SD Card and needs no CCTV DVR system (standalone). The motion Detections is extremely effective due to its sensitivity options (1-10) and saves a lot of time looking for footage and saves memory space on your Micro SD Card.

The recycling mode can automatically delete the oldest data and save new videos over it. This means that you never need to empty your SD Card.
The high resolution takes videos in HD quality and will satisfy your security needs.

Please note: The Micro SD card is not included. (32 GB Micro SD card + N$ 320,-)

Whats in the box
- Software CD
- Power Supply
- Screws
- Bracket
- Camera
- User Manual

- HD Resolution (1280 x 720)
- Motion detection + Sensitivity option 1-10
- Night View with Infra Red LED's
- Easy to use and very effective
- SD Card DVR no other recorder is needed

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