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My Spy Security cc
Windhoek / Namibia
VAT Registration Number: 6298191015
Closed Corporation Reg. Number: CC/2013/13439
Owner: Joshua Farrell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Office:  +264 (0) 61 219 486
Cell:      +264 (0) 81 431 7975

The Way We Work


My Spy offers the best service, after sale service and quality directly combined with the newest Technologies. Our technology is an huge advancement in terms of video storage, live viewing, and internet viewing.

Our International Manufacturers and suppliers allow affordable prices and the newest technology.
Our trained professionals will give you the right advice, in order to provide the best CCTV system for your individual needs. We will advise you with the best recording solution and strategic placement of cameras.

Our products are high quality and we deliver professional service. Our work is neat and professionally done with care for your property. My Spy operates Namibia wide and all products can be delivered via couriers.
We take pride in our Customer Satisfaction Ratings and are happy to offer easy to use products with great Technical Support.

Product range

CCTV Camera, installations and maintenance
Hidden Cameras / Nanny Cameras
Game Cameras / Wildlife Cameras
Car Cameras / Dashboard Cameras

My Spy offers different CCTV technologies which enables us to provide and advice the right equipment for all individual CCTV Security needs:

CVI Technology - Developed in 2014, our CVI Range is the professional & low cost solution for small to big businesses and even private households. It is also called HD-Analogue and works just as easy and hassle free as standard analogue camera systems, but delivers clear video resolutions between 1 MP and 2 MP. The Dahua Recorders are easy to use and are available for 4, 8 or 16 cameras.  The installed recorders can be viewed via the company network or Internet on your PC, Tablet or cell phone. The professional Software (Dahua smart PSS) delivers easy access to all cameras and makes reviewing easy, fast and efficient.

AHD Technology - The AHD range is our low cost option and designed for private households and small businesses. Good resolution and unbeatable prices are the signature of AHD! The prices are lower and the resolution is higher than common analogue cameras. My Spy AHD recorders are also compatible with analogue cameras and IP (Onvif) cameras. Our AHD recorders can also be accessed via mobile phone or PC via internet.

IP Cameras - These are network based cameras and recorders. IP cameras have the highest resolution and can save allot of cables by utilising existing networks. My Spy offers different brands of cameras and recorders (apart from the My Spy house brand). Depending on the product, they are used from small 1 camera installations up large solutions with hundreds of cameras that would be used by large companies with the highest security needs. IP cameras come with a large range of functions and settings

Quality Standards

Our entire Product range has been tested by us and has proven to be reliable, easy to use, high quality, and up to the newest standards
All products undergo our 7 point quality test before we consider selling them.

- Visual Appearance
- Overall Quality
- Durability
- Functionality
- Video/Audio Quality
- User Manual Check
- User Friendliness


My Spy has properly trained staff members that are fast, reliable, trustworthy and friendly!
Joshua Farrell – Owner                           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Duane Redshaw – Logistics                     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vitales Shitaleni – Installations Team 1    
Gerson Gomaxab – Installations Team 2


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•    Strides Pharma Namibia Pty Ltd

If you have any questions, our technical support team is happy to help at every step along the way.

Please contact us to become a dealer or to register as our wholesale customer today - discounted rates apply

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